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Natural well-being

Medicinal river bath, campfire, red clay scrub, short meditation and natural connection exercise, cup of medicinal tea.

Max. 2 hrs

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Mini agriculture workshop

Garden tour, agroecology basics, garden practice (planting, harvesting or processing), hydration, small healthy snack.

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Mini tea infusion workshop

Tasting of 4 medicinal teas, basic herbal talk, small snack.

Max. 2 hrs

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Mini bioconstruction workshop

Basic concepts of bioconstruction.

Tour of a natural construction and recognition of the main techniques,

practice with mud,

hydration, small healthy snack.

Max. 2 hrs

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Ferment workshop

Intensive workshop on ferments and ethyl sovereignty. You will learn: different lactic acid ferments, different probiotic drinks with low alcohol content.

Caoba Tour and
medicinal plants

Learn more about the Caoba reserve, its projects and its medicinal plants.

An activity highly recommended and loved by our visitors.

Between 2 to 3 hours

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Cocoa tour

5 minutes from the entrance of the Caoba reserve, there is a cocoa farm. You can have the experience of a craft tour guided by farmers.

Between 2 to 3 hours

Love Well and waterfalls hike

Walk to see the well of love and some rarely visited and magical waterfalls, incl. snack.

Have good physical condition.

3 hrs


Different types of massages are offered. With aromatherapy and hot stones.

Energy back 100,000 pesos

Relaxing 1 hour 120,000 pesos

Deep therapeutic 160,000 pesos

Feet 55,000 pesos


Get to know our House of Silence. A space next to the river, perfect for relaxing, meditating or reading. A very quiet space with the sound of nature.

Hike to see 3 waterfalls

Beautiful hike in the jungle to see 3 waterfalls above Caoba, incl. snacks.

Have good physical condition.

3 hrs

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