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Caoba is a biological reserve, sustainability project and accommodation. It is the perfect place to host a private and secluded retreat, due to the location and configuration of the place. If you are interested, we can rent the entire place, which

we would close to the public, guaranteeing privacy. Please contact us via


In Caoba we offer:

- Bedrooms.

- Housekeeping.

- Reception service for questions.

- Ideal seminar house for yoga, meditation, workshops (capacity: 15 mats)

- Terrace in the restaurant area (capacity: 20 mats)

- The terrace at the top of Caoba for meditation and yoga (capacity: 20 mats)

- Private area on the river.

- Restaurant area.

- Wifi

- The space in Caoba: The guest can move in this space without any interference from people outside the retreat.

- Original Kogui houses for fire sessions.

- Food service

Possible to include:

- Organic Caoba teas during the retreat

- Guided activities in the surroundings

- Guided activities inside Caoba

- Logistics and Transportation


Bungalow upstairs: 1 double bed (1.50 x 2 mtrs)

Bungalow downstairs: 1 double bed (1.50 x 2 mtrs)

Tree house: 1 double bed and 1 single bed

House in the woods: 1 double bed

Garden house: 1 queen bed

Room to share: 6 single beds (3 cabins)

--- we have a room that can be adapted for yoga teachers and their volunteers (if they want to bring) ---

In total we can accommodate 17 people.

The price varies depending on:

- Amount of people

- Duration

- Privacy or no privacy

- What you want to include for the retreat

- Season


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