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In Caoba we try to cook with local, fresh and sustainable products

  • Option for lunch is a vegetarian / vegan dish or with animal protein.

  • We adjust to diets and food allergies. Please notify in advance (min 1 day before).

  • We do not have a menu to guarantee the freshness of our products. The next supermarket is 1 hour away.

  • We do not sell synthetic products such as sodas.

  • The entry of food and drinks is prohibited. If you want to bring an important food to your diet, please advise in advance.

Delicious Lunch Options at the Caoba Reserve

Dinners are always vegetarian / vegan

Tuesday and Thursday are vegetarian-only days for lunch

We do not sell water in plastic

We do not sell single-use plastic wrapped products such as potato chips.

The entry of styrofoam (Styropor) is prohibited

We support local farmers by buying their products

Part of the ingredients in the dishes are grown in Caoba

Kitchen waste is distributed between animals in the reserve and the compost

Caoba sustainable

Eco and Sustainability at Reserva Caoba
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