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It is everyone's responsibility to observe the impact we create, be it environmental, cultural and/or economic. Using your chance to live and travel more sustainable with us. At Caoba we live up to high sustainable standards that must be respected by our guests, visitors and ourselves. This is our sustainability promise!


The laundry service costs 10,000 pesos per kg. We recommend doing it up to two days before departure. During the rainy season we do not recommend washing clothes, due to high humidity, clothes do not dry easily.


Your room has been cleaned and disinfected before check in and it will also be after check out. Sheets and towels are changed every 4 nights. If you want we can do a simple cleaning during your stay, please come to the reception.


We offer WiFi service in the restaurant area. Please note that we have satellite internet in a remote area and there is the possibility of connection problems.


We invite you to share your experience on our social media. Instagram and facebook under @reservacaoba .

If you wish you can leave your comment on TripAdvisor under Reserva Biologica Caoba


GOGGLES for adults and children that can be used in the reserve or taken to the waterfalls.

YOGA MATS to use on our terraces.

BINOCULARS to use in Caoba or take on one of the hikes. 

IMPORTANT!! We have some more rentals at the reception. All the rentals have to be returned back to the reception by 5 pm, if they are not being used anymore, otherwise we will charge all the days you have been having them. All the rentals have been disinfected before and after each use.


CHECK OUT: is at 10:00 am. We will do our best to allow you to stay longer without an extra charge, if the possibility exists, otherwise we will charge 15,000 extra pesos per hour until 1:00 pm.

1. Please don't forget the key.

2. If you want an invoice, please inform. This will be sent via Email or WhatsApp

Corkage: 20.000 pesos for each bottle of wine, 15.000 for spirits and 2.000 for beer brought from outside Caoba.

PAYMENTS : It is possible to pay with cash. International and national credit cards and international debit cards pay an extra fee of 5%. National debit cards pay a fee of 3%. You can also transfer the money to our Bancolombia account in Colombia without fee. Paypal is also a possibility.


Please listen to the information or advice given to you by the staff. This is important because you are staying in a reserve in the jungle.

Traveling with minors : Please don´t walk around the reserve without shoes and adult supervision. We have many ponds and slippery rocks in the river.

Traveling with a dog :If you are staying with us with your dog, please keep him/her on the leash. The dog is not allowed to sleep on the bed and we will check the room when check out. Dependin on the state of the room, there might be extra charges.

Please don´t drink the water from the tab. The water in Caoba is clean, anyhow your stomach might not be used to it. Please drink the water that is provided for you..


During rainy season we recommend to get out of the water when it starts getting darker. It tends to start raining up the mountain before and avalanches might happen.


Any questions? please ask at the reception.


These 30 hectares of land were bought in 1999 by a German / Colombian couple. In the beginning, the land was completely deforested and only the big trees existed along the river, but after 15 years of reforestation and research, we have created a sanctuary for the plants. There are around 300 different types of trees, some endangered, some from abroad, and other fruit trees to attract animals, including a collection of palm trees, medicinal plants, aquatic plants, cacti, succulents, bromeliads, and orchids. Caoba is divided into 2 parts by the river, the tourist area open to the public (5 hectares) and the wild area (25 hectares).


We no longer practice reforestation, but instead work towards conservation and preservation, helping others during the reforestation process by donating seeds or offering advice. Here at Caoba we have also started monitoring wildlife by placing motion sensitive cameras, capturing videos of ant eaters, jaguars, pumas and other wildlife on our property.


Grab your map and go exploring!


Caoba has been growing organically all these years and we hope you enjoy this place and take the time to explore it.

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