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It is everyone's responsibility to observe the impact we create, be it environmental, cultural and / or economic. Use our accomendation to live and travel more sustainable. At Caoba we handle high sustainable standards that must be respected by our guests, visitors and ourselves.

Eco and Sustainability in Caoba Bio Reserve

Know our

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"You have to take responsibility for your actions, and this is how we are going to protect Earth."

- Julia Butterfly Hill




PLASTIC The entry of styrofoam is prohibited.

All single-use plastic entered into the reserve by our daily visitor must return with them. Our guests can use the recycling bin.

GARBAGE All garbage that the guest wishes to throw away must be handed over to a staff for recycling or it must be explained to the guest where to deposit it. See the recycling area. It is forbidden to throw garbage in the reserve.

ENERGY Please turn off the lights and vents in the rooms when not in the room.




GARBAGE Garbage is separated. Part is recycled, part composted and the rest is collected.  We have reduced the utilization of single-use plastic. A complex work but in progress.  We do not sell water or food that is packaged in plastic.


FOOD  Our dinners are always vegetarian or vegan.  We support the farmers of the region by buying the producers directly from them. 

We use plants that grow on the reserve for  cooking and in our medicinal teas.

ACCOMMODATION The rooms are cleaned with ecological products every 4 nights, before check in and after check out.  Sheets and towels are changed every 4 nights or after check out.  We do not have air conditioning.  The soap for our guests is handmade and biodegradable.

Energy  We are connected to the normal power grid but we also use a hydroelectric plant. We do not use gasoline plant. We use a domestic wastewater treatment and our own water saving irrigation system.

SOCIAL  We support the community school and we sell products from local entrepreneurs and artists.  Caoba offers a field trip space for students. Our team is Colombian. 80%. All construction and/or maintenance related to the Tayrona indigenous culture is done by the Kogui indigenous people.

NATURE  We donate seeds and seedlings from our reforestation nursery. We also do wildlife monitoring with camera traps.

Thank you very much for staying with us! Your accommodation helps us to offer a healthy environment for our work team, support local farmers and continue working to create environmental, social and cultural change.

Any recommendation on how to improve?

Let us know at the reception. We invite you to look around and see what we could improve. Together we can go further and stronger. Thanks a lot!

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